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Reply To: Hair thread!


[quote quote=6876]yes, it’s the continuity issues that concerns me, the dramatically short hair and then long again. I can ‘not notice’ the curly/non curly thing much more than suddenly it being so different in length (although the suddenly freakish curl changes when they were discussing getting married was jarring). And because hair length is used so much to donate time, time passing, it looks weird when suddenly Claire has short hair, like it’s a different time, it’s *almost* like it’s someone else. I am possibly being overly picky, but just as they would hardly change someone’s hair colour scene to scene or plonk a different wig on.. I just cannot fathom in such a meticulous show where they can get 100’s of buttons to match they could possibly think we wouldn’t notice! anyway whinge over. :-) first world problem eh.

Me thinks that the stylist don’t have the same obsessive need for accuracy that our dear Terry has. (that was a compliment, I’m the same way)