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I can completely understand – I’m originally from Arizona – and I have fallen in love with the Pacific NW – and am always grateful that I have the option to live here! Love seeing Mt. Baker on the horizon on a sunny day – and the alive and green! I have had the wonderful opportunity of visiting Scotland – and I find the plants, weather, etc. here abouts to be very similar to the highlands there – if I could live anywhere – I’d choose the highlands!

I also know about life getting in the way – my husband’s job dictated where we had to live for 11years (fortunately 5 years were here in the NW – that was our introduction)! When we were finally “free” to choose where to live – we came back to the Pacific NW.

Sorry to hear about your Grandmother – very nice of you to be there to help! – so many older people no longer have the option of family helping them – and they end up in very sad circumstances. I hope you’ll be able to move back for the fall! I know quite a few people who attend WWU – and love it.