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Reply To: On the TV portrayal of the "Strong Woman"


I am quickly learning that where Connie, Rachel, Mrs. Parker and Celtic and go is where I want to be. Agent Carter? BSG? Game of Thrones? Smart feminist remarks? If Mrs. Parker is covering snacks, I will bring the booze.

I would add yourself to that list, Patricia! These were the people who were nice and made me feel welcome here so I look out for them too. Gingerlovinmind is also great. They listen and they always post smart things.

I want to pose a question: why is it that when there’s a show with a female lead, she is called a STRONG female lead? We don’t say this about men when they carry a show. It’s as though a female being STRONG is something odd and other. I know so many strong women. I know more strong women than I do men. I know a lot of men who are weak but play at being strong when it’s really the women who are strong. I wish TV would catch up to us.