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Reply To: Hair thread!


First of all, I love that there is an entire “hair thread.”
I can forgive the lack of curl continuity because as CelticGlamazon said, curly hair looks different all the time. I have naturally curly hair too, and it can look different just from going outside on a humid day. I joke that I have “special needs hair”. In fact-major props to the hair and makeup people on Claire’s hair when she wakes up in the morning. It is EXACT. I think we probably have Maril Davis to thank for this, she has curly hair and she’s probably their hair consultant. They should put that in the credits. 🙂

Jamie’s hair…oof. I think Sam has natural curls, so I sympathize with him. I think it is the cut rather than the length. Poor guy.

Curly hair PSA: use Living Proof’s frizz line. It is not cheap but it is worth it. I suggest a marketing tie in with them this season, Starz. Let Sam use it too, please. 🙂

Also-I think Claire’s hair length continuity problem was most obvious in Episode 8, at the very end with Black Jack. I think her hair grew 6 inches between getting caught at the stones and nearly getting her nipples cut off. Maybe BJR was just going after that pesky stray hair? So misunderstood, that guy.