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[quote quote=6821]OK so first up this is not about any body hair except Claire’s, on her head. I am confused and not sure if it’s just the timing of the filming or what but Claire’s hair seems different in almost every scene, curlier (when Jamie reveals his virgin status), less curly (just before when Dougal gets her to drink the water), darker, shorter (when she is erm.. sitting on Jamie’s lap.. in The Wedding) then longer, then shorter again. This can change episode to episode and even within each episode. This is not really a criticism, but every single thing about this show is so meticulous that a cannot believe it’s just an oversight, because it’s obvious. In the great preview to the second half it is also obvious, really long when arguing with Gellis and when she is next to the wall with Jamie and then suddenly it’s short again for the sex-looking scene? Can someone please tell me what is going on?
Thanks [/quote]

It is my understanding that the scottish weather, and the unpredictable nature of it is playing hell on everyone’s hair. Caitriona has naturally straight hair that has been forced into curls via a perm. Having natural curly hair myself, I can only imagine the hell the stylists are going trough to keep the continuity of the hairstyles with the often wet conditions they are filming in.

You’re not alone in your interest in the lack of continuity, it is something that stands out enough for many to have their attention drawn away from the storyline. Frankly, Jamie’s lack of hair continuity bother me just as much.