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[quote quote=6829]The bottom line is that one video was horrible. It caused damage. The context of releasing it on social media made it ugly. It did not represent grace or dignity. It represented misogyny. It crossed the line. It was childish, gratuitous, insulting, and it provoked the crazies. If gave them permission and man did they go for it. If one wants respect one needs to give respect – always. That’s a well established rule. I sat there and watched it in real time. That video hit social media and the shit hit the fan before I could say “Oh God” and its never been the same since. There is no question in my mind who is responsible. He’s not a victim and he does have the power to fix it if he wants to take responsibility. He can acknowledge that releasing that video was wrong. That objectification is wrong and he’s sorry. It’s been a while so I don’t know how well that would work, but it would be a beginning. It would at least give us something to say to the crazies.[/quote]

As someone who has worked with victims of abuse, I can respect your perspective on this topic. What I’m hearing you say is that based solely on the fact that she was wearing a bikini and was being videotaped being tossed into the pool by a friend, that the action of sam uploading said video is objectifying her? That somehow the sexualization of a non-sexual event is sam’s fault, and that you feel he should have “known better” than to share something innocent because of the sick people on the internet that would pervert that thing? The supporting evidence for your perspective feels a awful lot like victim blaming, and the forced idea that women aren’t allowed to be sexual beings because they are asking for it if they do. It is easy for all of us to inadvertently transfer our own emotional responses to past experiences onto something that we see outside of our own experience, and I think that it’s important for both sides of this discussion to avoid doing that. As someone who identifies as a feminist, I believe that womens bodies are their own to express in any way they wish, just as a man’s is. It is not healthy to repress our own sexuality or self identity, and by doing so we empower the patriarchal system that has oppressed women for hundreds of years. Feminism isn’t Us vs them…it’s equality for all because feminism isn’t just a women’s issue.