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You do not understand. It doesn’t matter what YOU thought. It matters that he shared it on twitter with hundreds of thousands of people he doesn’t know. That’s what makes it objectification. Let me give you an example, it’s perfectly fine to video your child wearing nothing but underwear and share that video with friends through private e-mails. It is not okay to share a video of your child in nothing but their underwear on twitter or Facebook because your child’s video will not be seen as innocent in those forums. It would be seen as you objectifying your child because if you post it in a public forum you ARE assuming that your innocent video will seen by pedophiles. You have effectively published your child as on object of desire. You are cyber pimping. It’s the same as making your child strip in the middle of a store. Sam cyber pimped that woman. Men all over the world are liking Sam’s little present in private if you get my meaning. He had to know they would.

When you create film you do create scenes that are going to be used that way, and you know that. But, the purpose isn’t to do that. The purpose is to create a film that tells a story. Sam’s post did not have that element. He just offered her up on a platter.

Internet safety is important. You have to be careful. But beyond that, as an advocate for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, I have to say that the objectification of women online absolutely leads to death in the real world. It creates a climate. It produces a mindset. They get to sharing images of women with each other online and before you know it you’ve got men who aren’t thinking of women as people anymore. It’s a huge problem.

Pay attention. Be outraged. Call it out.

Add to that the reaction of some of the women who saw what Sam did. I hold no illusions that abuse is limited to men on women. I’ve lost four clients to murder and one was a man. It’s a little different with abusive women. They’ve often been conditioned to respond to being chronically objectified by objectifying men but the sexual impulse that underlies it is suffused with a peculiar rage. It’s intelligent. She isn’t going to attack physically. She’s going to use stealth. If more men understood this they would stop objectifying women tomorrow. It’s a bad, bad cycle. By objectifying that woman on twitter, however innocently, Sam set himself up to be objectified himself. And that’s a dangerous thing to do.