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[quote quote=6777]I am also not a purist when it comes to book-to-screen adaptations, which I realize makes me in the minority of OL fans. I am a big believer in stick to the source as closely as possible, but cut the extra “weight” of the story. When you said “I’m not really able to connect all those dots right now”, that is exactly what my problem is with the miscarriage storyline on the show: a lot of symbolism that would probably not translate as well as would be needed.[/quote]

I’m not a purist when it comes to adaptations, either. Though as I’ve said before, I make a point of reading the original source material first before watching the adaptation. I think one of the major successes of Outlander the Series are the additions they’ve made to fill out the story.

So I’m not remotely “offended” by the idea of removing Claire’s miscarriage from the adaptation of DiA. And, when I think about condensing that sprawling story into 13 episodes, I agree that things will have to change. I’m thinking you think like a screenwriter!

Oh, and one of Jenny’s babies dies soon after birth as a result of the redcoats raiding the farm or something. It’s mentioned in Voyager, I believe, but isn’t something that happens within the scope of the story. It’s only remembered by Jamie as he’s looking at the family Bible, I think.

I just read the part in Drums of Autumn with the

(are we still alerting people to spoilers?? If so: SPOILER AHEAD)

measles outbreak, and a new baby that Claire delivered (to Petronella Mueller) dies. There are larger repercussions (some of which I think I haven’t gotten to yet), but you’re right, Rachel — while Claire is portrayed as being upset, it’s not like it’s her family that’s directly impacted by the death of a child.