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Reply To: Sexuality in Outlander


JB I like your idea of a new thread on the marketing of Outlander. I keep reading about how “steamy” the show is and Claire’s heaving bosom (really?). Not exactly sure how the marketing works but I think STARZ could do a better job of controlling the message to the various entertainment news feeds. If the second half of the season is true to the novel, the series could really turn off folks who are just tuning in because they think its a fluffy romance. The rape and torture of Jamie is just going to be awful to watch. There is a message to be developed involving the strength and healing power of faith and passionate love. Can they get this point across?

Back to Barb’s thread, I was puzzled by Jamie’s appeal to both sexes and where DG has headed with this. Jamie was attracted to Claire’s intelligence as well as her sexuality. Absent Claire, what would have become of Jamie? We know his life was going to be difficult and marriage prospects were dim. I am touched by the unrequited love that LJG has for Jamie. Would this have developed into something more had Claire not happened along? I may just float a question by DG or look to see is someone has posed this question in the past.