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An amazingly small world – I live south of Bellingham – and you’re right – the pubs are great!

The Boundary Bay Brewery was my second home…I miss them so much…I miss taking day trips to Vancouver…I miss Mount Baker shining in the morning sun and the setting light…I miss living in a place that is so alive and green. I was supposed to come back to B-ham Jan 2015 but my Grandmother needs full time care after a fall, and I’ve stayed in NC to help. I feel like I traded a part of my soul and my sanity to be here instead of WA.

[quote quote=6758]That’s awesome. I’m always in awe of people who make jewelry with the vision, patience and intricate detail required.

I hate it when everyday life gets in the way of crafting…geez (my dream is to live on a farm, raise sheep and alpaca, spin my own wool and just knit all day long).

I noticed your comment above about living in Bellingham. I live 20 min from the Washington border and just over a 30 min drive to Bellingham. It has some great pubs!


That dream is why I initially moved from the east coast to Washington State, but life got in the way. 🙂 There is a very good chance that I’ll return in the Fall to attend Western Washington University. /crosses fingers