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Reply To: On the TV portrayal of the "Strong Woman"


Tears can have such power. My mom is also demure and ladylike and she could stop us (three girls) in our tracks when she started to cry. It still works. My younger sister and I will actually start crying just seeing my mom tear up and we have no idea why she is upset. It’s like we are connected to her emotionally.

I do really enjoy the characters of Claire and Lagertha and I love, love Agent Carter. I can’t remember what novel (maybe it was outlander) where DG made the comment that Claire was outmatched physically but would have to use her wits to survive. Claire realized early on that she had a commodity to use at castle Leoch and so she showed her skills as a healer and escaped a life of cleaning and cooking and servitude. Brianna really lives in her mom’s shadow and so I agree that she struggles by comparison.