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Reply To: Can we get past Jaimie's looks?


I agree. I love the Jamie/Claire relationship for the arguments as much as the devotion to one another. After many years of marriage I view healthy relationships much differently. My husband and I had a huge fight several months after our wedding date and I thought how am I going to live with this bastard for the rest of my life. Can’t even remember what it was about…some improvements to the house maybe…and I just felt like I hated him and I am certain he felt the same way toward me. The hard part (advice from my mom) was finding our way back to one another. We have had other issues (raising a teenager is enough to strain any marriage) and when we at our wits end with one another we usually go to a B&B for a long weekend and just have sex. We may not talk for the entire trip there but we are usually laughing like teenagers when we come home. It may not be the foundation of a marriage for others but it really is for us. I do see that wonderful reconciliation between the J & C and I think it is inspirational. Great message for couples.

I am intrigued by your Folk Catholicism and would love to hear more about this. My dad went to a Jesuit college and enjoyed the theology classes.