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Reply To: Can we get past Jaimie's looks?


I’ll jump in and say that I consider myself to be very spiritual, but I practice Folk Catholicism and I was educated by Jesuits, so I’m not a traditionalist. Still, happy to answer any questions.

As for Jamie and his looks, really to me it was secondary. While Sam is handsome and I frequently allude to that when I write about him, I’m not in love with that character as an individual. What draws me to the character is his devotion to his wife, and Claire’s to him. I was in the car with my teen a couple of days ago and we were listening to Paloma Faith’s “Let’s Be” and he wanted to know why I liked it, if it was “depressing” and I told him that it was the opposite: Falling in love is easy. Any asshole can fall in love… but staying in love over a lifetime, that $#@’s hard. And I loved that song (and Outlander, in case you haven’t figured out the metaphor) because they are stories that speak to me in a real fashion about what a long-term partnership is: days where you want to drink the other person up, days when you can’t stand the sight of them, stupid petty things and breathless momentous ones… and shared memories.

And there’s no man or woman good-looking enough to keep you there if there isn’t where you want to be. It’s heartening to see.