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Reply To: On the TV portrayal of the "Strong Woman"


And I don’t mean that traditionally masculine-gendered traits in women aren’t a valuable thing. I don’t denigrate them. One of my grandmothers was incredibly taciturn and quick to anger and plainspoken, and she was a go-getter, and she struggled because she married in the 50s in South America where her behavior was seen as not desirable. Then my mother, her daughter, is prim and ladylike and delicate and all things traditionally feminine, and while I love her, I have looked to find a better balance in my life because I think you lose something if you can’t access all those things.

And now I have sons, and teaching them that making mistakes and apologizing and being in a position to connect with their feelings is a good thing is a bit hard at times.

So I appreciate Brianna’s qualities, I just wish she were better rounded.