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[quote quote=6473]In the first two books, Jenny didn’t register with me one way or another. But it Voyager, I had a visceral reaction and immediate dislike. It took me quite a while to parse out why, and reading this thread and the one about LJG for me to get to the heart of it. Jenny is one of those manipulative people who wield phrases such as “I’m only saying this because I love you” or “I did X because I care so much about you” as weapons to get away with saying or doing things that other non-related adults wouldn’t put up with. And then shields herself with “but I’m your mother/sister/daughter…” to try and justify it and make the other party feel as if they are the unreasonable one. After dealing with a mother like this, I have no stomach for one in fiction either.[/quote]

^^^^Pretty much exactly how I feel about Jenny. There were few times in the series that I was rage level angry at a character, and Jenny was one of those. She’s just unreasonable about many things, and quick to wield her power over others. In the beginning of the series I loved her motherly/strong character, but by the return of Claire…I just couldn’t stomach her. She redeemed herself a bit in the end of MOBY, but it remains to be seen if she stays that way.

That’s just my personal visceral response to her. I can see how the events that happened to her shaped her reactions to things, and I believe that DG created a plausible and realistic character based on the characters life experiences. I can even sympathize with her decision to leave the grown family and go to the Americas with Jamie. She missed out on so much with Young Ian, and the grief of losing Ian would have been to much to bare.