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I believe that many others have shared the sentiments that I would on the direction that this thread has taken, but the one thing I feel the need to point out is quite simply the title of this and the previous thread. It was titled “On the objectification of sam et al”. That being said, it seems that et al needs to be clarified. The English translation of et al. is simply and others. These threads were never intended to be strictly about the objectification of Sam, but the existence of objectification that we’ve seen towards anyone in the fandom.

Thank you Rachel for taking the time to point out some things that may help to assist in healthy dialogue here and in any other thread. Terry has given us a place to have open discussion about things we are passionate about, and the reality of that is the existence of conflict and disagreements. I, personally, appreciate the efforts that many have undertaken to keep things copacetic and productive. I apologise if my stepping away from the conversation was seen as negative to anyone, but for those that have taken the time to read the HUGE first thread you will know that I’ve shared a lot about my own perspectives already. The existence of that thread, may have made it seem to the new posters (that may have been unaware of it’s existance) like we’ve veered off topic quite a lot, but many of these conversations were just continuations of dialogue that has been happening since September.

Going forward, I hope that we can all work to keep things respectful. To my knowledge we are all grown adults, and shouldn’t need the policing of a moderator to make everyone here feel welcome. Sometimes we just need to agree to disagree and move past it, and that may mean focusing your attentions into a different thread,there are many here to choose from.(This is NOT meant to force anyone away from this thread or any other, just as a recommendation to possibly avoid conflict) Seriously, we have a thread that revolves around nipple hair and another for the ever elusive Magic Scottish Penis. There’s something here for everyone. Don’t be afraid to start a new thread, because it may not be as popular as this one you never know when you may pique someone’s interest.

I’ve enjoyed getting to know everyone here and look forward to what the future holds here in Terry’s playground. Love ya, mean it.

Crystal aka Celtic Glamazon