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[quote quote=6684]This thread is amazing! Rachely, you are my hero. Michellibell, I am so jealous of your personal Magical Scottish Penis. CelticGlamazon, love your insight!

Awe, Thank you. /blush

[quote quote=6693]awww, thank you! I have a weird parental pride going on with this thread. I think women don’t talk openly enough about a lot of things in life. : )


/cough…nipple hair…cough

So this one time…at band camp…

[quote quote=6694]Speaking of sexuality in Outlander…there were times when I thought DG was exploring something with Jamie’s character. Without Claire would he have been bisexual? The guy was always fighting off male advances. I was never sure what to make of this. [/quote]

As a pansexual individual myself, I really didn’t get any sense of that being likely with Jamie’s character. Especially considering his Wentworth trauma, and later P.T.S.D. surrounding the event, the fact that he was able to have a friendship with LJG speaks to Jamie’s ability to overcome adversity and his security in his own sexuality.

Jamie is written as a beautiful man, in many ways shaped as the ideal. I can’t speak to DG’s intentions with having several different male characters having an interest in him sexually, but I can say that their interest has very little to do with his possible orientation. Anyone, attracted to a strapping red haired Scott, would probably show interest in him, regardless of orientation. There were several women throughout the series that did just that. I only remember him “fighting off” BJR, unless memory fails me LJG was quite subtle in his interests.

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