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Hello, Maggie. I’m sorry you didn’t receive a warmer welcome for your first posts.

Thanks, Mrs. Parker. The two people who suggested that I leave have given passive apologies. I must say that was a jarring entrance, but rather than making me leave I want to stay and say my peace. I have not edited my posts from yesterday but I’ve noticed that others have.

I rewatched the clip mentioned and I think people are reading into it. The only person who knows how Sam Heughan felt was Sam Heughan, and he’s not talking. Along those lines, Sam has been retweeting the Starz marketing and such. We can say the objectifying marketing of Sam makes US uncomfortable, but when we start to assume how Sam feels about it, we get into the mothering of Sam problem. Terri Wallace had a blog post about this. I know she posts here but her it is in case you missed it: https://terrizellerwallace.wordpress.com/2015/01/22/diana-gabaldon-is-not-your-mother/

I’m also put off by the blame landing at Diana’s feet, and now the Starz marketing team. The marketing team is doing their job which is getting as many people as possible to watch the show. I would like to see more of Caitriona and more of the adventure aspect. I’d like it to look less like a “woman’s show.” But for now, Sam Heughan is what is selling this and they are in the business of selling. As for Diana and her remarks, I think it’s fine to not like her comments, I think it’s fine to say that made you feel uncomfortable, but to say that her comments are the cause of weird photoshopping and up-kilting and all the rest of the stuff on Twitter that makes you squirm is far-fetched. Everyone is responsible for their own actions. I blame their mothers for teaching them better.

Last night I was responding to a post that said the topic of objectification was taking over the fandom. I’ve seen this on other sites. I fully understand that this thread is about the objectification of Sam and I am staying on that topic. I think a larger issue of objectification in general is beyond the scope of this thread topic and as Rachel says maybe a general one should be started.

I think if there weren’t issues with this thread we wouldn’t have had today’s post from Rachel.