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Hi. I’m new as well and after reading this thread with some fascination for a while I feel compelled to speak.

Most threads on this site are great and people are generally kind and respectful to one another. Except for this one. I think this subject hits home for many posters on here and there are strong opinions, and some don’t like to be disagreed with. Thus this thread has been taken over by a few voices that drown out the rest.

Rachely, I appreciate you taking the time to write your excellent post. Newcomers are not welcomed on this thread the same way they are on others (unless they come in guns blazing agreeing with main posters), which to me demonstrates that this thread in particular is very insular.

Just because someone (or several someones) disagrees with your opinion, doesn’t mean they are ganging up on you. It’s just that everyone has a right to their own point of view and on this board they have the right to express it as long as they are polite about it.

From what I’ve seen, if disagreements had been conducted this way, there would not be problems here. The subject of Diana’s comments is coming up again. The last time this happened there was a debate as to whether Diana is responsible for the behavior of some fans (her actions set the tone of the fandom). When a few people said she wasn’t, there was this comment:

I want to apologize to all for bringing DG’s actions into this. That was clearly a mistake on my part as anything implying criticism of DG seems to be a sore spot for many fans. I should have known better.

This came from a poster who is on here so often that some thought she was the moderator. “Anything implying criticism?” This threw me off a few weeks ago and kept me from posting at all. Because this said to me that even if I, like some others on here, don’t hold Diana responsible for the actions of her fans, I’m not allowed to say that here. If I do, I’ll be smacked down with “You can’t take anything said against Diana.” I am an adult with my own opinion and thoughts, and I don’t blindly follow the author of a book. Please respect me and the others who disagree a little more.

I would also say that if you’ve made your argument and find yourself repeating the same comment over and over, whether it’s to a new poster coming here or someone who is readily participating, you are not furthering discussion. And this prevents new voices from being heard.

So sadly, I think this thread is now an echo-chamber of the same voices saying the same things over and over. New voices are not welcome (see newcomer Maggie being shut out last night), unless you cow-tow to the opinions of five people on here. I would like to discuss this topic more but I don’t feel that I would be made welcome here due to the disrespect and insulation infecting this thread.