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I’m not a moderator–there is no moderator here–but if I may interject for a moment (and feel free to ignore me. I’m pretty much impossible to offend)

As I see it we have:


Ganging up on people. I’m not naming names. In fact, I don’t care all that much except that I like it here and I don’t like seeing blood on Terry’s nice carpet. If you’re not getting along with another poster then might I suggest you consider walking away or no longer engaging. We all have people we don’t get along with or agree with in real life and on the Internet. Stating your same opinion multiple times to different posters isn’t going to change anyone’s mind.


I’m going to apologize to the new folks. We’ve gotten a little insular around here since it’s been the same 10-15 of us in here since September. Please forgive us. All new voices are welcome and we hope that you’ll stick around and play with us crazy people. I think I can speak for Terry in this at least: as long as you are polite you have a home here.


Yes, we go off topic, a lot. And we can’t change thread titles, which makes it hard sometimes. And then people like me decide that we need new threads so that things don’t get out of control and too long. If I hadn’t been fighting with these MoFuing sleeves I would have done this already with this one–because I am a controlling PITA. We need a thread on PR and a thread on nudity/sex on the show.

This thread started a hundred years ago in the other thread that was locked, because people were getting a little oogied out by the way SH was being treated. It got messed up and out of order so this one got started and that one closed. No one got silenced, no one got in trouble–it was a technological snafu.

I think if people wandered around you’d find plenty of discussion on how we are humans, genetically programmed to find people attractive, and that’s not the problem. Most of us do not shy from looking at Jamie/SH in the Wedding episode. I don’t think anyone said we shouldn’t because other places we totally have.

BUT, since we find ourselves here let’s try to work it out.

I know this is hard for new people–especially when the “main thread” is about 3000 posts long, unreadable on a phone, and full of dissembling. But I suggest newbies go give it a glance. It’s funny, it’s sad, it’s very enlightening and often will give you a good feeling of where people are coming from.

Now I’ll stop because I haven’t had enough coffee yet and my computer just imploded and I have a gown that will never be authentic 1771 unless I get sleeves on it all on top of the fact that my husband is a Patriots fan and our satellite dish just stopped working on today of all days.