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Very interesting information about Jamie.

So I looked up aura colors on the web and found the following:

Red is one of the most powerful colors found in an aura. It can be a positive or a negative element. Red represents the blood. It’s a vibration of action with the ability to either attract or repel.

Dark red – You’re centered and grounded to the earth, self-sufficient and able to survive any circumstance.
Brilliant red – You are very passionate, sexual, full of energy and competitive.

This color represents the throat, specifically the thyroid. If your aura is blue, you’re intuitive and you love helping people. You remain calm during a crisis. Others lean on you for support.

Royal blue – This means you are a highly-developed spiritual intuitive or clairvoyant. You have a very generous and giving spirit, and you are always open to new possibilities.

We know DG does a lot of research so I’m sure she looked up aura’s when she decided to bring them into the books. Red certainly fits Jamie and blue fits Claire.

As far as Culloden there are definitely blanks to be filled. In ABOSAA Chapter 44 there is more information than we have had previously:

I’m really curious to see where this is going and how it may tie into the vision of Jamie looking up at Claire in OL.