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[quote quote=6616]Terry
I just saw your thread on TW asking for opinions on the acceptance of sex on the show. The answers are quite diverse and truly reflect a broad base of age as well as readers vs. non readers. I would venture to say that it might be hard for the Starz PR to pinpoint the demographics they need to appeal to except for one little fact. Every sexy picture of either Sam himself or Sam as Jamie gets 10’s of thousands of hits/likes/comments. His follower numbers far out weigh Caitriona’s. PR is going with the numbers. I can’t say as I blame them I would however ask them to take another hard look at those demographics and do some multi level marketing to the rest of us.
A few weeks ago I saw someone post a sarcastic depiction of I think 10 different Outlander fan types and how they behaved on SM. They were spot on with their type descriptions albeit a little too crude and nasty on their behavior analysis. My point is there are at least 10 or more groups of opinions as to sex/no sex; less nudity/more nudity; more Jamie/more Claire; Droughtlander caused by Starz greed/mismanagement; etc etc etc. I also remember Ron saying he found the comments interesting but this was not a democracy and he would be telling the story the way it should be told. I do believe he has the degree and experience to see this through! My faith is in all of you that strive to make this series a great experience. I hope and pray that the “noise” dies down. It’s distracting and unpleasant to have to have discussions about butts, objectification and diplorable fan behavior. That last sentence is probably naive on my part and PR will continue on their path regardless of my opinion and there will be more bad behavior. sigh….[/quote]

Okay now I’m really confused. I think there must be two parallel topics going on at the same time. No one on this thread has mentioned wishing to alter the sex scenes or the amount of clothing worn on air by the two stars. DG doesn’t shy away from sex with Jamie and Claire and neither should the television show. The topic of this thread is the objectification of Sam on social media with some really outrageous fan behavior. I know what I was referencing in my previous post was that Starz marketing campaigns have contributed to the bad fan behavior. I haven’t read a single comment on this thread wishing to alter sex/nudity or anything else on the series itself. My wish is that Starz alter their marketing campaigns to a more professional level (more like Vikings and GOT) does with their hit series. If I have led anyone to think otherwise I apologize. I have no issues with the amount of nudity or sex on Outlander itself.