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Reply To: Can we get past Jaimie's looks?


Yes I agree Jamie would not have had much opportunity to practice his faith in the conventional way…church on Sunday at all.

I guess I would separate the pagan beliefs that have meaning to me from the magic that is part of the book. The 200 year time travels, changeling and Nessie seem fairytale like to me. I am thinking more of the feast days and the beautiful Carmina Gadelilca poems and prayers that would have been spoken at the time of the Outlander story. It’s the combination of the passing of the seasons and the pastoral life that was incorporated into Celtic Christianity. I do see this in Jamie.

There were many years when I was decidedly not spiritual. There was a very abusive priest in our particular parish and too many stories of corrupt church leaders. On a trip to Ireland, I was really touched by the people that I met that were on pilgrimages to sacred sites…Croagh Patrick was one. So, I decided to explore this at first to make my parents happy but then later just for me.