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What a lovely thing to say about your husband!

Well I went back through the books after Drums of Autumn and it was not Breath of Snow and Ashes that I was thinking of. Let’s just say that in one of the novels I thought the story really began (in the usual DG style) around page 400 when there was a celebration at the house of Jamie’s Aunt Jocasta. The first half of the book was not a blissful daily journal. It was sort of a long, stressful series of events detailed to a painful degree that did not really seem to go anywhere. Just my opinion and I will be curious to see what you think. I may even read the books again if the series continues. Maybe I’ll have another opinion. I too love the small, tender moments in the novels and I would have loved to read more about Jamie and Claire’s time at Lallybroch.

As for my dad’s side of the family, the Celtic traditions faded and were replaced by that interesting mix of German, Irish and Italian culture… in our area at least. What remained was the love of the outdoors, the “green” as my dad would call it. I found a local Episcopal church that has a Celtic Service and it is lovely. The prayers celebrate nature as well as the traditional Christian mass. Of course, the music is Celtic and accompanied by harp and flute. It is really lovely.

Many years ago I found and fell in love with the Celtic Christianity prayer book by Father Fitzgerald. A friend who works at a local bookstore actually recommended Outlander to me because of the setting of the book and all of the references to the pagan and Christain traditions. So, I think I came to Outlander while I was really on a spiritual journey of my own. I absolutely find characters to be spiritual inspirational. I could do without any marketing that cheapens the story…Fabio in a kilt?

My husband may have Jamie attributes but he is not Jamie. He’s much more like Claire. Hmmm…I will have to ponder that one! Have a great day and thanks for continuing the dialogue.