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I gotta say, reading a daily diary about Jamie and Claire’s life together kind of sounds like my perfect book right now. I think I posted elsewhere on this forum that the quiet, pastoral moments when they were at Lallybroch in OL were among my favorite of that book. I just like spending time with them, and I do sometimes find that I am just a tiny touch … annoyed (I guess that’s the best word) when they have to rush off on some dramatic adventure. But I will definitely let you know. I only discovered the books last year in the lead-up to the series being released (though I read the first three before watching the show) and fell in such passionate love with them that I had to extricate myself a bit! So that’s why I’m only up to Drums of Autumn. I’m intentionally taking it slow. 🙂

Did your dad and uncles also have pagan cultural traditions or beliefs that were passed to them through the generations? I assume in Jamie’s case you’re talking about some of the changeling stuff in OL, though I gather that things get a bit more mystical in the later books. You know what just occurred to me? You define Jamie as possessing pagan Scottish cultural beliefs, but then I would argue that he doesn’t really believe Claire when she tells him about her journey through the stones. And can we extend that lack of faith to his character in other ways? He always identifies as Catholic, but he does not appear to practice Catholicism in any traditional sense — at least not in the books I’ve read so far. In fact, Claire is the one who dives into faith (and mysticism!) in the abbey scenes in OL.

To me, Outlander is actually very inspirational, though I’m not sure how you meant to use the word. Like I said, I was very interested in both learning about perpetual adoration with Claire and her spiritual conversations with Brother Anselm in OL, but I won’t say that the books are religiously inspirational beyond that for me. Instead, what Outlander did was give me back a part of myself that had been missing. I hadn’t read a book for more than a year before OL — too many kids, too much work, etc. And OL reminded me how important reading is to my identity and sense of self. It also reminded me how wonderful my husband is. He shares a lot of Jamie’s traits, both physical and emotional, and I think my awareness and appreciation of him had gotten buried in the craziness of our daily lives. So I’m very grateful to have found it!