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The thing that really bothers me about Jenny is her reaction to Claire’s return. She was just plain cold. Weren’t they best friends before? I would’ve expected a bigger reaction to her return, even if Jenny was upset.

I always end up scratching my head over Jenny and Ian’s reaction to Claire’s return. I know it’s a different time and place, but if this had happened in my family, Claire would have been sat on a stool with a harsh light directed on her face and forced to answer 20 questions until we were satisfied with her answers. Not even a “where have you been Claire?” from outspoken Jenny. I know Jamie gave Ian a general explanation, but in my house? I would have needed to hear it from Claire. 🙂

I hope I’m not sounding too critical. This (and the fact the Claire didn’t think it necessary to tell Jamie about Laoghaire until The Fiery Cross) are two plot points that made me feel like I could see behind the curtain, so to speak. Which didn’t really happen that often.