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Diana has confirmed the “ghost” in Outlander is Jamie — and that he’s also 25 years old. That’s the age of Jamie at the Battle of Culloden, which he survived. So already we know that it’s not so much a ghost (as in a spirit that goes on after life) but some sort of projection of Jamie.

I’d also read that Master Raymond calls Jamie the Red Man not because of his hair but because of his aura. Raymond sees Jamie as “red” — the same as the Vikings that terrorized Raymond’s people in his original time, which is why Raymond is so frightened of Jamie. Apparently Jamie’s life force is so strong that Raymond can see it. In DIA he has Claire call out for Jamie in order to heal herself as their life forces are connected (I’m paraphrasing from what I read on Diana’s site and compilations from her CompuServe forum).

I think this strong life force/aura is tied into the “ghost” and there’s still some missing info on exactly what happened at Culloden. It could be that at times of stress or distress Jamie is able to reach out to loved ones. In addition to his grandchildren, he remembers kissing Bree as a child behind her ear.

Along the same lines of the random magic of these people, Claire’s aura is blue. So is Geillis.’ From Diana: all descendants of Raymond have the ability to travel through the stones and have this blue healing aura (although Geillis turned more to herbology and not healing). Which means Claire is not only related to Raymond, but also to Geillis, Roger, and the ComtĂ© St. Germain.

Bree would have a particularly strong life force, being the off-spring of Claire and Jamie. Roger’s got some mojo too. So Jemmy and Maggie may be in for a wild ride.

And now for the real kicker. In MOBY, Percy is searching for Fergus as a possible relation to a Beauchamp, which implies a familial connection to Claire. If it’s a direct connection, Claire is descended from Fegus and Marsali’s children. Which means Claire is a descendant… of Laoghaire.