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Reply To: Can we get past Jaimie's looks?


Thanks so much for your interest! I would agree that both Jamie and Claire have chosen the path less traveled and the trials and tribulations created really pull the reader into the story. I am not sure I would use the term “weak” so much as vulnerable. But I do agree that it is not so much the labeling of the characters as honorable or tenacious that makes the story so compelling. It is the net effect. We read (and now see) the characters hold on to their sense of right and wrong as they are tested and tempted and disoriented by the construct of the novel….time travel and all. So, I am persuaded by your points!

(Here’s a question: Which character do you love (or appreciate or relish or whatever) more, Jamie or Claire?

That is such a difficult question! I would say that I appreciate the character of Claire. I really fell for her character at the end of the first book when she and Jamie were recuperating at the Abby. There is a wonderful passage in the story where Claire is asked to participate in the perpetual adoration of the host. She is skeptical but open to experience this (another wonderful trait) and she finds peace and comfort in one of the more challenging times of her life with Jamie. I could immediately identify with Claire here. She does this again I believe in the second book after she is separated from Jamie. I am open to all faiths and I too have found comfort during times of crisis in prayer venues that are out of the ordinary. I really hope that the TV series includes this.

Between my husband (tall, muscular, dark hair) and my 10 year old son (still sweet, sensitive) and our dog Archie (loves me no matter what) I feel like I have my male/ Jamie needs met. However, my husband has started watching the series and I joke with him that I am going to send him to Jamie camp…bear strength plus sensitivity training. Have a lovely day, I am off to the office.