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Reply To: Lord John Grey

Katie (@bunnums)

I’ve grown to adore LJG! Everyone here has been very thoughtful about their responses, so hopefully I won’t be too repetitive.

For me, John’s sexuality is irrelevant to why I’m drawn to him. He is intelligent, warm, articulate, heroic, respectful of everyone he meets (though he can be judgemental), self-effacing, with a sense of honor and code of conduct I admire. He has a lovely dry wit that makes me giggle. He is true to himself in what is often very trying circumstances. He won’t let himself do anything without trying to do the best that he can.

Y’know, it’s only as I type this out that I realize LJG reminds me very much of my father, whom I adored to the ends of the earth (he passed away 8 years ago rather suddenly at only 63). Wow. There’s my moment on the therapist’s couch for the day!