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[quote quote=6446]I’ve said previously on the Vikings thread that Ragnar is the sexiest man on television today. I meant it too. That’s in reference to the character Ragnar Lodbrok not Travis Fimmel the actor. There is a difference although with some Outlander fans that line has become blurred.

I’m ambivalent on the issue of Sam’s objectification. Actually I just don’t care enough to formulate an opinion. The current Outlander PR campaign hype bores me. Outlander’s story has been subverted by the cult of Sam and Cait. I’m an Outlander fan not a Sam or Cait fan. SH will never be my Jamie Fraser nor will Cait Balfe ever be my Claire. What has been totally lost by Starz executives is that Outlander’s story can stand on it’s own without this relentless attention on Sam’s physical attributes. DG should have been explaining that to Starz instead of compounding her mistake by making public statements about Sam Heughan’s appearance.

Both Sam and Cait are adults who signed contracts knowing that nude scenes come with this job. Once the nude photos are out on the internet that genie isn’t going back into the bottle no matter how personally uncomfortable it is for Sam and Cait. The good news is Americans are known to have notoriously short attention spans and will soon be off commenting on Sam’s replacement as hunk du jour. Starz will be off promoting its next new series and DG will be left to put the pieces back together of her decimated Outlander community.

I don’t disagree with any of the above and I’ve seen the disintegration happen with online fan communities before. But for me the books will still be there, and I consider myself a book fan first with the tv series being an added bonus.

But to me the objecification issue isn’t about Sam personally. It’s about the overarching issue of objectification in our culture. I feel that in America (since I don’t have experience of living anywhere else, I can’t speak to other countries) we have become a culture that is driven by appearance rather than by substance. We glorify actors and sports figures and people who look pretty and have lots of material things, and self centeredness and self absorption seems to be the order of the day.

Instead, I wish we would look up to people who actually do things that are not about themselves and how much stuff they have. We don’t respect teachers and scientists and even the everyday people who are out there working hard and doing their best in a society that is stacked against them. Even in the film industry, most workers are contract workers who get no benefits, and work ridiculously long and hard hours for not a lot of money and no recognition. It’s no different from the rest of our society.

Getting back to here, maybe we should get away from the emphasis on Sam since that seems to be a stumbling block for many,(and seems to make people defensive) and rename these threads as “On objectification of Actors and Others”.