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[quote quote=6305]Crystal: 1. YAY! 2. While I am thinking of it, do you have a pronoun preference for when I refer to you in conversation that you would like used?

And as far as LJG, probably his greatest (and sometimes only) value to me is in establishing a real gay perspective. I was horrified when I read critiques of BJR that inferred that he behaved the way he did towards Jamie because he was gay, so it was good to have a baseline to establish that HELL NO. As for the character himself, I don’t find him interesting or entertaining. He actually bores me, as does William.

I can’t believe I forgot to responded to this. I prefer she because I didn’t know there was another option until three years ago, and at 34 I’m not inclined to attempt to retrain my family. It means a lot to me that you would ask. Thank you.

I had the same response when I saw people making that connections to BJR’s behavior. /insert rage face

I’ll not try to turn this into a conversation on the merits of consensual s&m vs the insanity of abuse, but I’m equally appalled when people imply that what happens at wentworth is BDSM because it’s not (nor is 50 shades, but that’s a different forum). The only comparison I can make is if someone were to illude that consensual sex and rape are the same because they can both involve penetration…we all know that it’s not the same thing at all. /hops off soapbox