Terry Dresbach

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Reply To: Lord John Grey


First off I am so glad you emerged from that closet! I have mild claustrophobia so I hate to think of anyone in any kid of closet. Hugs to you! It makes me happy that this forum is safe enough for you to do so. Kudo’s to Terry once again. 🙂 🙂

Secondly I have to be honest and say I haven’t given a lot of thought to LJG. I do like his friendship for Jamie, and I like the interaction they have together. I think LJG was an important relationship to Jamie because of Wentworth. Claire healed Jamie’s soul, but I think LJG ultimately healed some of the other wounds Jamie suffered due to BJR. Wentworth had to have instilled a mistrust in Jamie of others, especially of men who he perceived as gay and I think over time LJG’s friendship helped with restoring that.

But I haven’t really looked at LJG as a character in his own right. Thanks to those of you who have, I will have to go back and think on that some more. And maybe read some of the LJG books. The only one I have read is the Scottish Prisoner because it was a piece of Jamie’s story.