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Reply To: Jenny


I tried really hard to think of a close female friend to Claire who stuck but really couldn’t come up with one. 🙁 Geilis and Jenny don’t count because both betrayed her in the end.

I can actually relate to that. Maybe I’m projecting my own experiences on Claire, but I have had more male close friends in my life than females. I’ve always attributed it to being raised as an only girl with three brothers and absorbing the “boy” way to do things withoug being an overt tomboy. I remember playing superheroes and spies when I was young and I was never the damsel in distress – I was one of the superheroes or the female secret agent while the other girls were the ones in need of rescue. My Barbie dolls were the same way. They partnered with my younger brothers GI Joes and had all kinds of cool adventures. But that did make me an odd duck among the girls in the neighborhood.

Claire also had a non- conventional upbringing – I doubt there were other little girls in the desert so she didn’t really grow up doing “girl” things. Note her thoughts in DIA about how she didn’t really ever fit in with the stay at home moms in Boston.