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Some thoughts on DiA…it’s not my least favorite book, but it is down there. I’ve read all of the series multiple times, but until last month id only read it once, and now twice.

Some positives:

1. I love the was the book is formatted, jumping back and forth in time. An excellent choice by DG as I believe she may lost some readers if the story was chronological. Because you know Claire goes back early on, you are compelled to find out the how and why behind this.
2. Roger Mac.
3. The historical details and politics of the Jacobites.
4. Lord John Grey!


1. Brianna’s personality. It’s difficult for me to suspend my disbelief and buy into Roger Mac falling head over heels for her! I agree that she is much more a product of her fathers than Claire, and not so much in a good way. I do wonder if they will tone her down and make her more relatable for the show, which would be a welcome change, IMHO.
2. I am in absolute agreement with those who’ve expressed bewilderment over Claire’s nonchalant acceptance of BJR being killed at Wentworth, and her utter panic and angst towards Jamie when it’s discovered he’s alive. I guess I understand her concern over Frank never existing because, wibbly wobbly timey wimey, but I don’t get the sudden and dramatic change of view.
3. Master Raymond
4. The absolute gut wrenching goodbye at the stones. It left me a sobbing mess, in the fetal position, and was by far the worst (and by that I mean best!) parting scene between lovers that has yet to be topped.

My sincere hope is that an actor is chosen who can embody her bratty, entitled, distant smugness yet still endear her character to us fans. I know the second half of the season will, at least in part, be told from Jamie’s perspective. Perhaps we will see this with Bree’s character as well. I don’t think I would dislike her as much if I knew where she was coming from, and could empathize a bit with her.

Another thought just occurred to me. I wonder if some of the animosity towards Bree has anything to do with her early relationship with both Jamie and Roger? They are so beloved that it rankles some that Bree can be such a stubborn and distant gal where they are concerned.

Anyway, that’s all I have. Any thoughts would be most welcome!