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That’s a very interesting point about what a visual medium can show that a printed one can’t. Your comment about Jamie always looking at Claire brought back to mind a large number of scenes of just that — though it wouldn’t have necessarily occurred to me before right now that the production had made a subtle but distinct point of Jamie’s gaze.

And Connie, you made me consider that adaptations can enhance the appeal of a beloved book by the very act of being different. I see the series and the book as two separate entities, which is why it really doesn’t offend me that there has been stuff added to the series that isn’t in the source material. I think that’s due in large part to the sensitivity of Ron and crew to the book and the care they have taken to add only things, like the extra Frank bits or the wool waulking scene, that, in my opinion, enhance the story.

And in an attempt to stop being such a thread hijacker and bring this post back to Voyager, I’ll say that if there is a third season, I would definitely like to see a little bit more added to the reunion. Because I read Outlander, DiA and Voyager in short succession, and because Voyager is structured so that the reader is “with” Jamie and Claire even though they’re apart, it was hard for me to feel the impact of 20 years of separation. It didn’t feel like they’d been apart that long. So yeah, I would definitely like to see a bit more exploration of that, and I think the series could really do that justice.

Now I’m thinking about what I would like to see added to the second half of S1 that wasn’t in the book. Or season 2…