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But that’s a lot of leaps to expect the reader (even an overly dedicated one like me) to make to justify behavior that is at odds with an established character’s character, it seems to me.

Jenny is one of the few recurring characters who doesn’t get a POV. You’re right, JB, that we are left to fill in the blanks for her motivations. I like the character and I am inclined to invent reasons for her actions. I think it’s clear that she loves Jamie and wants the best for him and she loves her family and needs to protect them and sometimes she can’t do both at the same time. Arranging a marriage to Laoghaire was in Jamie’s best interest (to her) because Claire was “lost” (under the couch, TM Rachely). Seeing Claire returned and seeing her looking so well and healthy had to leave her wondering — where had Claire been? Why hadn’t she looked for Jamie before? Why was she back? Would Jamie forget his responsibilities to his second wife? I don’t like that she summoned Laoghaire, that was for Jamie to do, but I can understand it. Or I can at least fill in the blanks.