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I was frustrated about Jenny’s behavior too, mostly because all of it seemed so out of character. From the moment she appears in Voyager, Jenny is two-faced, underhanded and secretive. She never before was presented as someone who would scheme and plot, even when it came to keeping her brother near her. She also certainly didn’t seem like someone who would hold a grudge; she certainly lets all of her emotions fly quite easily in Outlander.

I did try to rationalize it when I was reading Voyager, though. I thought perhaps she had been changed by the 20 years of tough farm living, scrabbling for food, watching her brother hunted and her husband repeatedly arrested for her brother’s actions. I can see how she might have felt that Jamie repeatedly and continuously endangered the farm and her family through his various criminal undertakings. I suppose after a couple of decades of that, you might start to get tired of it, particularly when you’ve had to accept the role you were born into — and have a passel of children to think about. I also suppose that Jenny’s necessarily more pragmatic and Jamie’s more romantic, so she could have packed up her memories of Claire and moved on — and not understood why Jamie didn’t or couldn’t.

But that’s a lot of leaps to expect the reader (even an overly dedicated one like me) to make to justify behavior that is at odds with an established character’s character, it seems to me.