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I agree, I was quite frustrated by Jenny. I can also see Cynthia’s point though (Cynthia, so far discussions on this forum have been quite civil and respectful and open to various opinions. So far, people have recognized that we not all agree on the same things, and that’s fine. 🙂 ) From Jenny’s perspective, her brother’s wife went AWOL for 20 years with no word about where she is or how she’s doing, or even if she cared about how Jamie was doing. I’m sure Jamie’s emotional state was painful for Jenny to witness knowing that the woman he loved just outright disappeared.

The thing that really bothers me about Jenny is her reaction to Claire’s return. She was just plain cold. Weren’t they best friends before? I would’ve expected a bigger reaction to her return, even if Jenny was upset. And didn’t she bring Laoghaire in the picture after Claire’s return, causing a huge kerfuffle when there didn’t need to be? Jamie’s conflict between Laoghaire and Claire was his business and not for Jenny to intervene in other than providing sisterly advice. I don’t know if Jenny’s issue with Claire ever resolved, I really can’t remember.