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LJG is quite a complex character. I disliked him initially but grew to adore and respect him over time. There’s so much more to Lord John that his sexual orientation. The fact that Claire is jealous of LJG only endears him to me. His wicked sense of humor allows DG to write Lord John some of the best lines in Outlander. (“Child you would make an angel weep and God knows I am no angel.”) The old reference to peeling an onion and discovering complex layers fits the Lord John character and I’ve been delighted at each new layer Gabaldon has peeled back. I’ve read the Lord John series and some I’ve liked better than others. Overall I’m always thrilled to turn the page and discover that Lord John has made a new appearance in Outlander. I would be more explicit but I am trying hard to honor the no spoilers policy for this site.

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