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[quote quote=6299]One of the issues I do have is the internal mothering of other adult fans and externally, of adults like Cait and Sam and Diana. The body issues, objectification and other things that we are repeatedly asked to shield them from are aspects (albeit negative ones)of their jobs. Whether they choose to speak out against or in defense is entirely up to them, not me, to decide, and I choose not to be offended or outraged when neither actor has stated that they were.

For the record, I am not mothering anyone – nor am I trying to shield anyone. The problem with saying “Well, they haven’t said anything, so obviously they aren’t bothered by it, so why should I be?” is that if we place all the burden on speaking out on the direct victims (who may genuinely not be bothered by it, or may not feel as though they can speak up, or may not even realize what’s happening), nothing will ever change.

Objectification and its uglier sibling, rape culture, are so ingrained in our society and culture that many people can’t see it and don’t recognize it when it happens, even if it’s happening to them. It’s that pervasive. It behooves all of us to speak out when we see it – even if the victim does not, even if it seems as though the victim doesn’t mind – because that doesn’t make it any less dehumanizing, and it doesn’t suddenly make it OK and right.

It’s akin to saying that the woman who is walking down the street and getting catcalled, but who doesn’t turn around and say something, must like it and thus it’s OK for the men to keep doing it. When the truth is that it’s far more likely she doesn’t feel safe in saying anything.

But, let’s go with the assumption that she does like it! Guess what? The problem is that the men won’t just catcall her – they will catcall every woman walking down the street, many of whom won’t like it and who will be made to feel afraid and humiliated by it. And that’s the crux of the issue – it’s not just about one person, it’s about something far bigger than that.

And saying it’s just a part of their jobs is in my opinion not only an excuse, but a poor one. You don’t see this same level of insanity in the entertainment industries of other countries. So it’s not a “given” that anyone choosing to be an actor therefore has to just accept and put up with this sort of nonsense.

The only way this will ever stop is if we speak out – and yes, it can be exhausting, to always be the one going against the grain, to feel like you’re the only voice in a sea of “So what?” and “It’s no big deal.” I’ve been there all my life, as have many others.