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Reply To: so whatcha making?


NWeiss – that is adorable!

I’ve started crocheting – since September I’ve made a scarf for all of my nieces and nephews (10), my daughters (3) and a baby blanket for my newest niece. I don’t think I have any pics of any of them 🙁 I just never think to do that – I need to start.

This year our OAP is set during the Civil War. I’ve been lucky enough to find much of what I need on ebay, so all I’m doing is dying the dresses, and fitting them to the girls. And I’m having to reconfigure the buttons and lapels on all the guys’ jackets. All I’m having to really make from scratch is one skirt and 2 bonnet/hats.

Rachely is a rock star and made the nurse’s aprons for me. SMOOCHES!