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Reply To: so whatcha making?


OMG so cute! Mine refuses to wear a kilt.

I can sew, knit, spin, weave, quilt, etc. basically if it’s a fiber-related craft I can probably do it.

Clothes for the Farm and for fun. The day-to-day Farm clothing is all worked in so everything in linen and likely to get burn marks and goose shit and obscene amounts of sweat on them. We dress up for certain events. They always joke that if I show up in my silk petticoats they’re going to have to say that I’m their rich cousin just visiting.

The robe à l’anglaise is fascinating. EVERY WOMAN wore them. Court to farm. They just different on fabric, number of petticoats, length, detailing (polonaise or robings). But everyone was wearing the same style during those years.

I sew for me. I’ll sometimes do commissions for friends, but not for 18th c clothes since I can only do that if I have a person, in stays, in front of me. But right now I’m making a wool-felt doll for my BFFF and a bunch of surgical caps for my BMFF.