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I’ve always had a problem with Jenny in Voyager. She knows how miserable her brother was without Claire, she knows Claire saved Jamies life after he was captured, and yet she deliberately tries to drive Claire away. WTF???! Thank goodness for young Ian – he cared more for his uncle than his sister and Jamie’s so called best friend did it seemed.

I also have a problem with Jenny and Ian just completely taking over Lallybroch and making Jamie feel like it wasn’t really his home anymore. After all he has sacrificed for them he didn’t deserve that.

I thought she turned out to be very selfish and more concerned about herself and her own family rather than her brother. The reason she gives Claire for her actions is nothing short of lame.

I so agreed with Claire in her opinion of Jenny where she thinks about how she gave Jenny her brother back, she told Jenny what to do to save Lallybroch, and then Jenny tried to give them both away to Laoghaire.(Did she actually say that to Jenny? I can’t remember and am too lazy to look it up tonight) I don’t know how she forgave Jenny – I’ve never been able to.