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Reply To: Lord John Grey


Because…ermergerd LJG! Really, he’s Lucius Malfoy to me, though that’s not really all of it. His primary appeal to me was in finally have an Outlander character that didn’t fit inside the heteronormative box that the majority of mainstream literature propagates. I also love the triad that occurs in the later part of the story for the same reason. DG included, and made relatively normal, characters that didn’t fit inside the one size fits all box, without making them predators.

Since I essentially did this on Twitter today, to some of you lovely ladies, I might as well do it here. I’m queer, pan-sexual/gender queer/poly to be more specific. I’ll explain the terms if you’d like, but only if you really want to understand. That being said, whew…that forum closet was feeling a bit stifling…I adored this character because it was someone I could relate to. I felt represented, though terrified at first when I thought she was going to write him as a sexual predator.

The other thing about LJG that appealed to me was the grace and poise with which he was able to carry himself despite the danger he was in on a daily basis for being a gay man in a world that didn’t allow for such things. You see the effort this took in the LJG books, and they made me fall in love with him more, though I’m not finished reading them. The interplay that occurred between Brianna and LJG was one of my favorite parts of Drums of Autumn. Then MOBY happened, and my ovaries exploded for LJG. The psychology of the Claire/LJG interactions was tragic and fascinating. Human nature is a hell of a thing, and it’s ability to cope with grief is utterly fascinating to me. I’m trying to avoid spoilers…so I’m limiting.