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Katie (@bunnums)

I know many many in the Outlander world choose Voyager as their favorite book in the series. For me, it falls squarely in the middle of the pack and I seem to be shouted down in other corners of the Internet for daring to say so.

There’s a lot I do like about Voyager – the opening, for instance. The poignancy of the years Jamie lives without Claire. Claire finding her calling, and herself, in Boston. The reunion and their initial rediscovery of each other as these new, older, changed people (which is what I want so much more of!).

But then, I think, it turns into an over-the-top (if still fun) read full of hijinks instead of the character study and emotional explorations I enjoy and that can make DG’s writing so unique and compelling. I mean, it feels like once Jamie leaves Claire in bed in the brothel that first morning until they wash up on shore in Georgia they don’t have time to just *be* and breathe. Just not my thing.

Still well written, I think, but not my preferred type of storytelling.