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My SO and I were talking about this last night. If the situation were reversed (male author, much younger actress), we agreed that the male author would come across as a dirty old man with misogynistic tendencies. And much like Alison said, this probably has to do with patriarchal history, etc.

To further drag the SO into this (paraphrasing as he’s not here at the moment): “There’s something endearing and awesome about an older woman openly finding a younger man attractive. It’s a reminder that she’s still a sexual being and there’s some spunk about her. It’s also not seen as threatening, as the odds of a woman using her power to derail the younger man are pretty slim. Not that she doesn’t have any power, it’s that women don’t come across as willing to do that.”

I personally was not bothered by the comment or any of the banter between Ms. Gabaldon* and Mr. Heaughan.* They know one another, have a personal as well as a professional relationship and how they wish to conduct that relationship, personally and privately, is simply their business. I laugh at loud at their antics on Twitter, but I never feel that gives me license to participate. I just have a front-row seat to the show.

Ms. Gabaldon isn’t responsible for the at-times over-objectification of Mr. Heughan. I don’t think it’s fair to put that responsibility on her, as much as I don’t blame the creators of the show for presenting him with so little clothing at times. I’m sure there was much chatter about Mr. Heughan’s assets before that panel occurred. I’m certainly not saying that anyone has to agree with her comments (or their tone), or that Ms. Gabaldon is always perfect (I don’t think this at all), but I do think the actions, words, and antics of some fans is not her fault.

Allison, if we’re getting tarred and feathered and run out of town, I’ll bring yummy snacks!

(*because I don’t know them personally I’m employing old-Hollywood standards and using their surnames, I’ll go back to first names soon I’m sure!)