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I’ll also fully admit that my assessment of DIA changed somewhat after I suffered my own bout of PPD.

Katie, one of the reasons why I adore Outlander so much is because I feel like it brought back the last piece of myself that was missing after a long, dark struggle with PPD. I thought that the way Claire’s depression was handled in DiA was beautiful and felt real, even though I didn’t quite identify with her feelings of loss. I do wish we had gotten to see more of Jamie’s sentiments, but I understand the limitations of the first person there.

On the other hand, Voyager, for me, was a much better story. Yes, a bit too much pirate adventure in the third act, but I thought all the parts about how Jamie spent those 20 years apart were so perfectly infused with melancholy and longing that it breaks my heart again to think of them now. I kept putting myself in his shoes and thinking: He really doesn’t know where she is or that she’s (SPOILER!!!!) totally coming back to him! Just to torture myself.

I also thought all the choices Jamie made during that period felt very real — from hiding in a cave to giving himself up in order to get the reward for Lallybroch, even to the choice to, ahem, re-associate with a certain someone from his past (trying not to be too spoilery because I DID NOT see that one coming, and that’s how it should be) — all of it felt like the true actions of an honorable man struggling to survive and find his place (without his constant! Though, ok, technically, Jamie and Frank are Claire’s constants. And you’re not supposed to have two, but never mind all that.) in a war-torn country. I think DG did some of her best work (thus far, at least) in bringing his POV to life and showing us just how much Culloden and its aftermath changed him from the man he was when we first met him.