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I’m glad I stumbled on this tread, I’ve been checking in throughout the day and shaking my head in agreement to what everyone is saying.
Over the brief months I’ve been on TW one thing is certain, in no way would want to be a public figure on social media (or public figure in any way for that matter). I started following a few fans and quickly pushed “unfollow” after seeing the blatant harassment towards Sam and the others, from sexual comments and requests for re-tweets, donations, inappropriate memes etc. People forgetting that they were actual real humans with lives outside of Outlander. I think it is part of the strange world we now live in- the one where we think that “anonymity” of the internet gives us some sort of pass for behaving in a way we would never dream of in the real world. That being a fan of something/someone means they owe us something in return.
The Graham incident is a good example where things just go crazy. He was participating in an event that is part of his job (his actual honest to goodness paying job) and to have a woman behave as if she was at Thunder From Down Under show. Just because he was wearing a kilt doesn’t give anyone the right to behave like a estrogen filled crazy woman.
The sad thing is that so many of the fans are amazing and it just takes “a few bad apples…” I love the books and the world that DG has created, I think Jamie & Claire are totally amazeballs. I also realize that Sam is a person and Jamie is fiction. Sam is handsome and charming and those are great characteristics to have, but as much as I enjoy his acting and to watch/read the interviews I’d be a bit delusional to say that I know him.
It was mentioned before, but I also think it strange that many of these women have husbands and they still objectify Sam/Jamie as this piece of Scottish man-meat-cause frankly most would be peeved if those husbands lusted after a female actor/character in the same way. Because if they are undersexed like it comes off in many of those comments I bet a dollar the hubs in the other room would happily oblige.