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Mary Jo Malo wrote: Yes, just read the article myself. I’m glad this is being re-Tweeted throughout fandom this week, since so many women are oblivious to their own being objectified as well as to what they are doing to Sam & Cait. So much ground has been lost in the battle for enlightenment on so many fronts in the last couple years. It’s almost as if the progress we made in the 60’s and 70’s is being reversed…

CelticGlamazon response: I’ve found myself saying something like this, but after taking time to really consider it I don’t think anything has been reversed. We, as a species, have a tendency to glorify the past, the horrible was excessively horrible and the good was immensely great. I know that for many of my family in rural NC, the women’s equality movement was barely noticed due to the social structure of the area they were in. I believe that we are seeing it as a reverse in thinking, because of the implementation of the internet. People whose voices were silenced for so long on, on all sides of the conversation, are now being seen by the world. Social media has allowed all of those women, who never had a voice, to finally find connection with like minded people. However; it has also allowed bigoted/racist/sexist thoughts to be shared as well. The internet is a double edged sword, and has given us a lense to view our society in a way that has never before existed for us. The lack of personal editing added to the anonymity that comes with electronic communication has changed the way we communicate.

Mary Jo Malo response: The setback I was referring to was definitely not about social media/Internet, since freedom of information is what aids enlightenment and protects democracy from control by special interests. I agree completely with your comments. I was obliquely referring to what has happened in our U.S. and state legislatures by turning back progress for voting rights, human rights, women’s rights, net neutrality, etc. I shouldn’t have conflated the two…

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