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<div class=”d4p-bbt-quote-title”>conniebv wrote:</div>
The only person that can address Diana’s comments properly is Diana, and she tends to do so pretty decisively. I suggest putting that question to her directly on her FB if you want an honest answer, because she’ll give it, and all we could offer is speculation.

Hi Connie;

While I agree that Diana is the only one who can answer why she said something, I find it troubling that there seems to be a “don’t call out Diana on anything” attitude that goes on in the fandom. I don’t really care why she said what she did – to me it was inappropriate for the circumstances, just as it would have been inappropriate if it was a fan who said it in that type of forum. Probably even more so as she is a role model for so many. And look at the fall out – I have since seen her comment used as justification for fans to behave and comment in the same way.

Diana is a talented writer and she has given us a set of amazing books that I love but… she is human, she is not perfect, and she makes mistakes like we all do. If she says or does something that we find troubling I don’t unbderstand why it can’t be noted. Why is it ok to point out the inappropriate behavior of Fan X but not point out the same behavior when it is Diana doing it? I have something of a problem with that and I see that kind of overprotectiveness of Diana happening a lot in the fandom. Like Sam, she is an adult not a child to be wrapped up in cotton and protected from the world. She is just as accountable as any one of us for her actions.

I’ve come to the conclusion, that I believe DG is a brilliant and highly opinionated woman, that has done a lot to portray women in literature as capable strong characters. I love her books, but I can say that I personally don’t care to interact with her on a personal level. I’m sure she’s quite different in person/RL than she is in the public eye of FB, Twitter, Interviews. We are seeing but a glimpse of these individuals and that is never enough to make grand generalizations about character. I was disturbed by the same comment that bothered a lot of other people, but try to remind myself what it’s like to be on stage in front of hundreds of strangers. Sometimes the things that come out of your mouth, make no sense, and it’s even worse when it’s an inside joke. I once stood on stage at an aids awareness fundraiser and joked with the emcee about testicles because I knew she hated to say the word. It’s like I failed to realize that the administration of the college and community leaders were sitting in the crowd watching me. There is something about the blinding light of being center stage that makes it easy to get caught up in a moment and lose sight of what you should filter.

I have been witness to DG deleting posts that were called out as objectifying, and that speaks to some understanding of the perspective of the greater fandom. Yes, there were many that responded telling her she should have left it up, and that the hurt feelings should shove off, but alienating fans for the sake of crass humor wasn’t a choice she made at the time.

This is more an attempt for me to become more aware of my own prejudices and knee-jerk responses that to attempt any correction of behavior on anyones part. 🙂 I find that it helps to type it out and let the universe do with it as it will.

[quote quote=6028]It seems that we all agree that there IS a line in the sand…some nebulous place where things that are “ok” become decidedly “not ok.” And, I assume, that the line is fluid, and that the line is different for everyone. Maybe it is like that scene from Reality Bites when Winona Ryder tries to described irony…more of an “I know it when I see it” kind of thing. But maybe we SHOULD examine it a little more…if for nothing else than to simply know our own mind in the matter. What do you think? Do you know where your own personal line is? [/quote]

I think that the original thread was full of many of us working to find our line in the sand. I know, like I stated above, that this forum and open discussion with friends has helped me to refine my perspective. I appreciate most, those that are willing to call me on my shit. If it weren’t for those people I’d not know when I’m being obtuse. 🙂 I believe that it is when we allow ourselves to become stagnate in our perceptions that we close ourselves off to the realities of the world around us.

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